nfl4th (development version) Unreleased

nfl4th 1.0.1 2021-10-16

  • Fix for aborted plays on punts being called going for it
  • Re-categorized some plays as unknown (i.e., NA) go: False Start or defensive encroachment along with being lined up to go for it (run formation or pass formation)
  • Added fast argument to load_4th_pbp() which allows for loading pre-computed go_boost rather than needing to calculate it

nfl4th 1.0.0 2021-03-17

  • Initial public release

nfl4th Unreleased

  • Release as package
  • Fixes with touchdowns. Instead of granting 7 points, assumes teams choose best option between PAT or 2pt and give pre-conversion attempt WP accordingly
  • Fix for punt WP at the end of first half being too high
  • Add logic for TD/FG decision on the last play of the first half
  • Add possibility for muffed punt
  • Reduce field goal chances on very long field goals